Blue Flowers for The Birds Wren House

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Painted Peace Birdhouse

SHIPS EARLY MARCH 2021 - Due to limited resourcing of materials to construct the actual birdhouse, this item is unfortunately backordered due to Covid :(  You may order it now to be placed in queue for when they resume their production.  They are coming, just slow....

Dimensions of birdhouse: 5" by 5" by 9"

YOU CAN LEAVE MY BIRDHOUSES OUT ALL WINTER!  RAIN, SNOW, SUN....NO PROBLEM-  GOOD FOR THE BIRDS :) Outdoor Hardy-constructed of PVC wrapped in vinyl.  Looks like real wood!

Includes Fledgeling ladder, universal 1.5" hole, ventilation and drainage holes. 
Remove rooftop screw for easy clean out. 

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