Custom Address, Hello Goodbye Art Pole - 2'

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24 inch Custom Art Pole
Painted Peace and Lennon & McCartney - The Lyric Project

Address Poles are a bold blend of beauty and function!

Customized with your house numbers.  Address printed on front and back.  Simply enter your numbers in the correct sequence when you place your order and we will print it right on the poles.  Call Stephanie if you have a question.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Laminated for fade resistance and durability.
Okay in all kinds of weather. Easy to install, no tools required.
Pole is 2 feet tall and 5 inches by 5 inches square.
Vinyl wrapped PVC (looks like real wood)
Made in the USA.

Click on image to enlarge.

WHAT IT SAYS: GOODbye i don't know why you SAY goodbye; i don't know why you SAY goodbye i say Hello hello hello