Common Questions About My Work And Product

How do you make your Art Poles?
All of the original art is burned, carved and painted on wood.  The art is then scanned and transferred into a digital image. That image is then sent to a manufacturing company in St Louis, Missouri.  There, they print my designs on a vinyl like sheet that is wrapped around PVC posts.  The reason why my poles look so much like a real wood timber is because the natural grain, knots and imperfections within the wood are also scanned in with the design.


How do you install an art pole?
Planting your pole is very easy!  All art poles come with everything you need for a simple installation.  No digging, cement or tools are necessary.  It will take you all of about 10 minutes!  Inside the pole is a long metal stake or auger that simply sticks or rotates into the ground that the pole slips over.

Can Art Poles stay outside year round?
Yes! The PVC reproductions of my wood timbers are essentially made out of vinyl and PVC (plastic).  They are extremely weather durable and are fade resistant.  However, they may blow over in heavy winds if they are not planted well or if the soil is boggy.

Can you personalize your reproduced poles?
Unfortunately,  no.  My reproduced art poles are already printed by my manufacturer and come as they are.  However, there are some Art Poles that I call “quasi-custom”.  There are areas on the design that are intentionally  left ‘blank’,  leaving room for my manufacturer to print directly on the pole your personalized message.  Just include your desired text in the notes area of your order.  Or call me!  The following is a list of the poles that can be personalized. 

Family Pole: last name and date of establishment
Bereavement Pole: name of passed beloved and dates
Dog or Cat Bereavement Pole: name of dog or cat
Patriotic Pole: name and ranking for member of the Army, Navy, Coastal Guard or Air Force
Fireman or Police Pole: name 
Address Poles: up to 5 house numbers

What is the difference between an original Art Pole and a reproduced one?
Original Art Poles are one-of -a-kind personalized timbers, kind of like a modern day totem pole.  They can have ANYTHING you want on them interms of design, color, or message.  They are made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar in various sizes per your request.  They are big and heavy and beautiful but are also a different price point since they are original pieces and not reproduced.  They do not last as long as the PVC reproductions because they are made out of REALwood.  they require an annual treatment of a UV protectant varathane to help them withstand inclement weather.

Do you do custom work?
Yes!  My commissioned original art is always on wood.  I will basically take you through an interview-like process to help extract the information I need to create a one- of-a-kind piece of art that has true personal meaning for you!  I will talk to you about size and scope of project and a timeline for completion.  I require a 50% deposit to begin working on any design that has been approved by you.  Your balance is due upon completion. Prices vary and below are general guidelines only.  Prices include shipping.

6 foot Art Pole on cedar: $3000
3 foot Art Pole: $1200
20 “ mini pole: $500
wall hangings: variable

Do you do shows?
You can only find me at a few local (Pacific Northwest) shows each year because of my current busy work load as a Licensed Artist.  However, during the spring and summer, I hold “Art Parties” at  my Bellingham Gallery monthly.  I love to entertain!  These are scheduled on various Saturdays and Sundays and are drop in from 11 am-6 pm.  Great food, wine, beer and other refreshments are offered.  They’re casual,  super fun and are by invitation only.  All you have to do is call or send me your email to be put on my invitation list and you will be invited!  Please see shows and events for my current schedule.

Is it safe to put my credit card number into this website?
Yes.  I don’t store any of your credit card information or share any of your personal information with anybody else.

Do you ship?  When will my order arrive?
Yes. Your order should arrive in 6-10 days.  Once you place your order, you will receive a personal confirmation from me usually that day.  I will send you tracking information on everything as it ships so you will know exactly when your art should arrive.


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