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mom, mother's day -

Attn all husbands, sons and daughters!  My ladies love my art so it's a sure bet that they would love this little 20 inch Art Pole filled with the perfect sentiment for MOM. Because she is the "heart of the family".  Order now for a delivery between 6-10 days!

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address poles, installation, mail box -

So here's a tip....all of you that have been requesting a taller Address Art Pole, I have a solution.  My 3 and 4 foot regular Art Poles are HOLLOW and they slip easily over a regular 4 inch by 4 inch fence post.  That's right, the same post that most mailboxes are mounted to.  So you can choose any of my Art poles to create a taller address pole or any pole for that matter.  Just sink your wood post in concrete and slip my Art Pole over it and presto!  You can even mount  your mailbox right on top....

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