5 ft Art Pole

Stephanie Burgess is the founder of the Art Pole!  While originally done on wood, she's ta

Stephanie Burgess is first artist to really introduce the concept of the Art Pole!  While originally done on wood, she's taken it a step further reproducing them on ultra-durable, maintenance-free PVC.  The poles are laminated for fade resistance and extremely durable for inclement weather year round.  Imagine color in your garden during a winter snow!  Poles come with all the necessary hardware for a ten minute installation and no tools are required.  Not even a shovel.  A simple twist of an auger in the ground which the poles slips over and you ready to enjoy.  Smaller poles are even easier to install.  They simply slip over a mounting stake.

Art and design by Stephanie Burgess originally on wood. Reproduced on vinyl wrapped PVC (looks like real wood) and manufactured by Studio-m Artful Home and Garden, Fenton, MO