Painted Peace "BreezeArt" Premium Decorative Flags.  Art by Stephanie Burgess, printed by Studio M Artful Home and Garden on exclusive SolarSilk fabric.  Designer artwork is permanently dyed for a vivd, fade-resistant color.  solarSilk is 40% heavier than most for greater outdoor durability.  Machine washable, cold water, iron safe.  All flags offered in 28" x 40" or 12.5" x 18" sizes.

If you are ordering multiple items, especially a combination of various sizes and store can get 'confused' LOL.  I always check shipping charges and if you are overcharged accidentally, I will reimburse you once receiving your order to the method of payment you have used!  Without asking!  Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions about your order or charges.  I actually answer the phone :) Steph @ 360-920-3064