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6” by 6” and just so cute. Plant a little happiness 🌷

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Tulip Season is here! Well, things are taking a bit slower up here in the PNW, but it's starting and we can't wait. Fields of tulips are just so beautiful and we can't wait to see them bloom! If you're up in the Northwest, check out this great tool to see when Tulips have bloomed or not so you can plan your perfect day trip! Tulip Bloom Map: Enjoy and happy Monday! - Hannah

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Little known fact about me: I adore Taylor Swift. I've been listening to her all day today. This pole makes me think of one of my favorite lines in her new GRAMMY WINNING ALBUM OF THE YEAR, 'Folklore' - "Rosé flowin' with your chosen family" So this Friday (one week away from another Taylor Swift release!), I hope that you enjoy some time with your chosen family, preferably with some rosé flowing as well.  - Hannah 

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