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Moms are so special and they deserve a gift that conveys that! This mini pole describes how mothers are the glue that hold families together and fill a home with love. I know mine certainly does! -Allie

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With all the shelter in place throughout the last year, I'm sure some of you must be really missing time with family. I know I cannot wait to hug my aunties and cousins that I haven't been able to in a while.  I love this pole because it can remind one of the treasures they have in their life, especially if they're lucky enough to be called "Grandma" or "Grandpa" - and it's perfect regardless of if your grandkids are near or far away ❤️ - Hannah

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Although it doesn't totally feel like it yet, it's nice to know that we're officially in Spring 💐 Nothing much to report today. I'm listening to 70's Groove Music while fulfilling orders and it's pretty great. Hope you're having a beautiful day! - Hannah

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