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Moms are so special and they deserve a gift that conveys that! This mini pole describes how mothers are the glue that hold families together and fill a home with love. I know mine certainly does! -Allie

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Alexa play "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong I love this collection! Such a beautiful tribute to the incredible eARTh we live on. This shows only 3 of the 6 poles within the collection - you can see more here: https://www.paintedpeace.com/search?q=voices+of+the+earth Enjoy 💚 - Hannah

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It’s so true   Other worries fall away when you can remember how wonderful it is to have LOVE. It's so important to remind yourself of this! That's why I love these poles, to serve as beautifully visual reminders of the important things in life.  -- Hannah  

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