Come visit us ❤️ or SHOP AT ☮️

Come visit us ❤️ or SHOP AT ☮️

You can always email to set up an appointment to come by :)

- Hannah

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  • Andrea

    Totally inspired by your work! Just placed an order but botched up by using credit card. Next time check? I want to say I’m living on fifty acres of land left to me by my parents and would love to “swing” by your place! The Legend of Tasagalala “she who watches” is a favorite of mine and would love a sign made by you naming the property. Any ideas? Will be a regular customer of yours now that im inspired to create an Avenue of Honor for loved ones who have passed away but not really. Good work in offering bereavement poles! I worked with hospice for many years and speak often of our culture that misses out in proper grief work. Blessings! Andrea

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