Painted Peace Art Poles with a heavier installation

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Painted Peace Art Poles with a heavier installation

So here's a tip....all of you that have been requesting a permanent and heavy duty installation for your Art Pole, I have a solution.  My Art Poles are HOLLOW and they slip easily over a regular 4 inch by 4 inch fence post.  That's right, the same post that most mailboxes are mounted to.  So you can choose any of my Art poles to create a taller pole by "floating" it on a wood post of your desired height.  Just sink your wood post in concrete and slip my Art Pole over it and Presto!  This is great if security is an issue or if you live in windy or wet areas!    Just sayin' :)

If you would like to talk about this further, call me.  I actually answer my own phone and love to chat about these things!


  • gczbvrlzic

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Cheryl Keckritz

    I too, would like either a wider peace pole (9"x 9") or a vinyl adhesive to cover the ugly utility boxes in my front yard.

  • Alan Danowski

    I would like to talk about the hollow peace pole I want to put a electrical outlet in it, out in front of our home Alan 248-345-2105

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