Shipping times for Art Poles during Covid

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Shipping times for Art Poles during Covid

Update 3/24

Looks like we're catching up.  Most poles are going out in two - three weeks now.  Big improvement

3/9 As we do our best to deal with significant disruptions to supply chain shortages due to Covid and other factors outside our control, we'd like to provide something that is in our control — information.  In addition to shortages of materials, we also have a SURGE IN DEMAND for Painted Peace.  My manufacturer (Studio m) that reproduces my Art Poles has informed me that many of my designs are backordered.  Some as much as 8-10 weeks.  I have numerous orders for product in since November that are slowly shipping to me in waves.  When you order from me, you will get a detailed email (every Wednesday) regarding the status of your order and when you can expect it.  Most things will ship that day as I have a large inventory of product right here in my studio!  But somethings won't :(  If your selection is in fact, backordered, you will be placed in a queue and these items will ship in the order that the order was recieved.  I encourage you to stay in queue because this is the fastest way to get your pole as we all try to catch up.  Meaning if you delay ordering, it could be another 8-10 weeks from then. I will be sending weekly updates (on every Wednesday) to all who are waiting with information as to it's status.  NOTE:  IF YOU TIRE OF WAITING, I CAN CANCEL YOUR ORDER AT ANY TIME AND REFUND YOU BACK 100% IMMEDIATELY

If this is intended to be a gift, please let me know in the special notes section when completing your order.  I am happy to send a Painted Peace greeting card from YOU, that day, with your personal message and then explain to the recipient that something very special is coming from my store but is delayed due to Covid.

Most of my products, I have here in stock and will ship same day.  And for what is backordered....order now so we can get that pole in the ground by late Spring.  Thank you, as always for supporting me and my business during these challenging times.

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  • Laurie C McEnery

    I just ordered a Friends 20" garden pole for a Friend’s Housewarming at the end of May. If by chance, the order will be delayed, if I could have a note sent to me which I can gift to our friend, That would be wonderful!!! Your artwork is beautiful!!!! Thank you!!! Laurie McEnery

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