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Where is the auger?

A couple years ago, my manufacturer stop supplying some of the taller art poles with that beloved "auger" to stabilize them.  They are now providing  a metal "wicket" or much short auger and although, easy and convenient to use, some of us that live in windy or wet areas are really missing that more robust auger!  The wicket usually works perfectly but not all of use are blessed with perfect soil and even terrain.  Well I just built my first auger!  Call me a very beginning manufacturer lol.  My "take" of that original auger is not what I'd call pretty, but who care as it is hidden inside the pole.   And it is tall and heavy duty and drives DEEP into the earth. All you need is a hammer to drive the stake deep in to the ground and slip the pole over it.  Voila!  It will come put together for you.  I probably will be able to offer these soon for about $30 - $40 including shipping.  I'll keep you posted but they will be available soon.  They will be on my website hopefully by 3/20.

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  • Linda

    This sounds great :)
    What do they about the necessity being the mother of invention?
    You go girl!…

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